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Kurt Grauf, Dance Master Our Dance Master, Kurt Grauf,  has been conducting dancing for several years.   Born and raised in Southcentral Pennsylvania he has a vast knowledge of American History and, naturally, Victornia Era dancing.  Kurt has traveled throughout the tri-state area and performed at many different events including formal and informal settings.  With his natural ability of teaching and unquestionable leadership abilities, his performances are very entertaining for all levels.  Today, Kurt’s love and passion for reenacting has evolved into professional dancing and public speaking about various aspects of American History.  Kurt admits he enjoys teaching, but there is nothing more exciting than to dance in a room-filled with Ladies and Gentlemen dressed for the occassion.

Grand March with the 148th PVI Soldier's Joy with the 148th PVI Grand March Circle Dancing A Reel

If you are interested in learning more about Kurt Grauf, reenacting, or dancing in general, feel free to contact him at

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